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Join hundreds of affiliates who are already earning a monthly check from Multiple Stream Media since 2001. Earn a monthly income by referring us to other online business marketers - We've done all the work for you. Advertising online is a multi-billion dollar industry. All businesses need to advertise, and now, you can make a share of the ad dollars spend with, by just referring us to your business associates and friends.

15% From Your Referrals

Every month thousands of dollars are sent to our affiliates for their contribution in helping us grow. However, the important thing is our affiliates are genuinely proud of the product and service that they recommend to their peers.
Why should you join our Affiliate Program?

  1. 1. It's free to join our affiliate program.
  2. 2. Refer a client once, and make 15% life-long commissions from his/her advertising purchase.
  3. 3. Our Average client spends $250 / month on advertising with us. If they were your referrals, you would make $37.50 just from one advertiser, per month.
  4. 4. High retention rate. 60% of our clients re-order from us. 35% of our clients place regular monthly orders.
  5. 5. High ticket clients - 8% of clients spend over $1000 and up per month.

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Comments from our clients

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